#84 November/December 2005
      TIMELINE November/December 2005

Timeline has come to an end after 14 years of publishing. For this final issue, we’ve gone back over the 83 prior issues and picked out 64 pages of things we especially liked and that are timeless. Printed copies of this final issue, #84, are available from the Foundation for Global Community.  (Note: Because of the size of this last issue of Timeline, we have broken it into four PDFs for easiser downloading.)

Click here for Timeline PDF #1 which contains pages 1 - 17 and includes the following:

Page 2
In our final issue of Timeline...
Earth Charter preamble

Page 3
Donella Meadows
The Earth was formed whole and continuous in the Universe, without lines

Page 5
Emilia Rathbun
A human is endowed with curiosity and a desire to know

Page 6
Pattiann Rogers
We are physical creatures immersed in a physical world

Page 7
Ursula Goodenough
We are uniquely religous

Page 8
Margaret Wheatley
One of the easiest human acts is also the most healing

Page 10
Joanna Macy
Don’t be afraid of the dark...

Page 11
Will Keepin
We are urgently called to action

Pages 12 - 13
Selected excerpts from Oscar Arias, Hafsat Abiola, Satish Kumar, David Bohm, Kofi Annan, John Ralston Saul and Vandana Shiva.

Page 14
Donella Meadows
I don’t get discouraged as much as I used to

Page 15
Alice Waters
I pass by Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School every day on my way to Chez Panisse

Page 17
Thomas Berry
Every Being has two dimensions

Pattiann Rogers
So many amazing things are happening in the natural world all the time

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Click here for Timeline PDF #2 which contains pages 18 - 31 and includes the following:

Page 18
Lynn Twist
One of my major commitments in life

Pages 20 - 22
Selected excerpts from Terry Tempest Williams, Beth Sawin, Thomas Moore, Margaret Wheatley, Wendell Berry, Joseph Campbell, Albert Camus, Peter Senge, Vaclav Havel, Dr. Robert Livingston and Vicki Robin.

Page 23
Pablo Casals
Each second we live...

Pages 24 - 26
Selected excerpts from Peter Russell, James Gilligan M.D., Thich Nhat Hanh, Scott A. Hunt, Rabbi Michael Lerner, William Ury, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Henderson, George F. Kennan, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Blaise Pascal.

Page 27
Chriss Hedges
The rush of battle is a potent and often lethal addiction

Page 28
Leon Eiseley
The need is not really for more brains...

Page 29
Don Lathrop
Any reasonable person who looks around

Page 30
General Lee Butler
Now time and human nature are wearing away the sense of wonder

Your tax dollars at work

Page 31
Helena Meyer-Knapp
Mercy entails action...

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Click here for Timeline PDF #3 which contains pages 32 - 47 and includes the following:

Page 32
Rear Admiral Eugene J. Carroll
One truth stand out in history

Page 33
Selected excerpts from Janie Starr, Senator Robert M. LaFollette, Admiral Noel Gayler and Robert S. McNamara

Page 34
Mac Lawrence
I’ve spent time

T. R. Reid
The European Union...

Page 35
Selected excerpts from Maha Ghosananda, Charley Reese and Mac Lawrence.

Page 36
Loretta Green
If you ever want to see how insane war is

Pages 38 - 39
Selected excerpts from Martin Luther King Jr., Harold Saunders, Lawrence of Arabia, Admiral Jonathan Howe, Wendell Berry, Swanee Hunt and Christina Posa, and Starhawk

Page 40
Barbara Kingsolver
It is not naive to propose alternatives to war

Page 41
Marya Grathwohl
In the Cincinnati Zoo is an exhibit that has no live animals

Pages 43 - 44
Selected excerpts from Joann Lundgren, Warren Snow, Amory Lovins, Gregson Vaux and Edward O. Wilson

Page 45
Thom Hartmann
Our problems drive not from our technology, our diet, violence in the media, or any other one thing we do.

Pages 46 - 47
Selected excerpts from Bioneers, Donella Meadows, Wes Jackson, Jeremy Sinek, Sylvia E. Earle, Thomas Berry, Karl-Henrik Robert, Tom Van Sant and Dass Sangare.

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Click here for Timeline PDF #4 which contains pages 48 - 64 and includes the following:

Pages 48 - 49
Selected excerpts from Anita Roddick, Barbara Waugh, and David Korten.

Page 50
An American businessman was at the pier

Page 51
Muhammad Yunus
It’s not easy in Bangladesh to reach out to women

Page 52
Sandra Mardigian
“Mzungu! Muzungu!”

Page 54
Angeles Arrien
We have a wonderful invitation

Page 59
As the human soul has journeyed along a path...


Pages 60 - 61
Continuing Projects

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